Architectural drawing

Architecture is an area that fascinates me.

This is what drives my art and allows me to fully express myself in my artistic vision. Thanks to my perspective work that I perfect every day, I regularly collaborate with architects and architectural firms in the Nice region. Through my work, I realize projection drawings for architectural projects of various sizes.

To relate history in art, I also make drawings and watercolors of the city of Nice that I exhibit in books but also in my studio on canvas.

As explained in mon savoir-faire , my work with architectural professionals allows me to be recognized today and solicited for various projects color or black-and-white illustrations in India ink. Under my hand, I like to give birth or reborn buildings with all their architectural complexities, their roughness and their own character that marks an era.

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Illustration and architectural drawings for architectural firms

Working with architects is a very important and even essential part of my activity.

I frequently collaborate with architects to design important town planning projects . Through precise illustrations in terms of perspectives, angles of view and representation, it is possible to better design architectural projects.

My job consists of carrying out development projects capable of advancing and / or complementing the work of architects of all styles. Whether it is for the rehabilitation of the Nice heritage or to establish new urban projects, I am part of an artistic approach that is puts at the service of architecture from every angle.

Drawings of architectural firms - Nice - Sylvie T workshop

Drawings and illustrations for architects - Sylvie T

Watercolor and drawing for architects Nice - French Riviera - Sylvie T

Under my watercolor brushes, my pencil strokes or the Indian ink strokes of my pen, I work on illustration of architectural monuments . These drawings make projects concrete and visually bring to life on a reduced scale buildings essential to the history of Old Nice and its history.

My passion for architecture can be read through all my creations .

Architectural drawing Sylvie T: an experience told ...

“Unquestionable muse of Old Nice where she set up her workshop in 1993.

Sylvie T is an artist who likes to illustrate her city in all its facets. She excels in architectural design: facades, balconies, windows, trompe-l'oeil and sgraffito hold no secrets for her. With a simple and confident stroke, it translates the murmur of a fountain in a sunny square, the ornate portal of a wealthy aristocratic residence, the cheerful friezes that tattoo the eaves of a house in Nice. The charm of the place operates. Because Nice never ceases to amaze us.

The districts of the center and the surrounding hills are home to an incredible architectural heritage, from the remains of its prestigious Roman past to the sumptuous Belle Epoque villas. The curious visitor admires here the glittering mosaic of an Art Deco building, there a secret alley that a ray of sunshine beautifully adorns.

A little lower down, the Mediterranean reigns supreme: mythical and eternal, it is a setting for Nice la Belle. Call from the open sea, you have to go and meet it to better find your way around its languid gardens which elegantly hem its shore: bougainvilleas, palm trees and umbrella pines are the subjects of a unique decor. "

"Sylvie T offers us a precious gift: sharing beauty." < / em>

Valérie Castera Director of Editions Gilletta in Nice

Drawing for architects Nice - Sylvie T
Agence d'Architecture DP Architecture Illustration drawing - ®Bruno Pouleur

Drawing for the DP Architecture Architecture Agency - Sylvie T
Photo of the team of the Architecture Agency DP Architecture - ® Bruno Pouleur

Agency of Architecture DP Architecture - drawing for architectural firm - Sylvie T
Drawing for Agence d'Architecture DP Architecture ®Bruno Pouleur

"She draws as she breathes, and it is by surveying all the interstices of her city that the color comes in with subtle touches. Indian ink and watercolor become one when Sylvie T sketches life in Nice: its red and ocher facades, its patches of heritage and its terroir captured on the spot, the line becomes a link between the beauty of the Riviera and the privacy of its secrets.

It retains the poetry of a world city.

Rue Droite, in the heart of the old town, you can choose to visit the baroque splendours of the Lascaris Palace or go to meet Sylvie T.'s studio. But both are recommended and not is certainly no accident that they face each other. The passion of the designer for architecture is immense. She draws from it the rigor and freedom that make up her language. From alleys to bluish horizons, the architecture of the city is part of a freehand gesture, where the beauty of imperfection is part of the journey.

From the blank sheet to the daily story, its narrative thread is maintained by the pleasure of sharing and by an unusual generosity.

Sylvie T polishes her style by sketching the architectural treasures of local heritage. His original creations in India ink and watercolor capture still moments, precious angles of view, hidden from the moving world.

The artist has always gazed in wonder at his city. Inhabited by the little stories that woven together with the big ones form a universal language, she publishes books and conducts introductory architecture workshops and artist residences for children and in schools. " South side N ° 180

South side - point on Sylvie T Nice workshop in magazine - Illustration architecture

Atelier Sylvie T Nice exhibition - architecture illustration

Written by Cécile Vaiarelli journalist and editor Magazine Côté Sud - Number 180 October-November 2019

“Sylvie T was particularly well known to her many works in which the alleys of Old Nice are crunched and colored, squares and fountains, churches and bell towers, Belle-Epoque and Baroque facades, the timeless charm of markets, high-country landscapes, hilltop villages… all the finesse and poetry of the artist dedicated to his region.

In her sixth book, Sylvie T went further, much further, thus revealing to us another dimension of herself: the passion for travel. Sketches, drawings, watercolors and India ink will lead us to a strange discovery, like a revelation.

Indeed, the originality of this book consists in a pictorial reading of subtle and astonishing "correspondences" between the regions of the world - as aspired by the artist - and those of Nice and the great Nice, l 'echo of landscapes, scenes of life, colors, shapes ...'

From this meticulous, luminous work emerges an unexpected resonance in a harmonious tangle of places… Where are we? Here and elsewhere. "Here is elsewhere". "

Around my book “Nice est Ailleurs” released in October 2016 - Sylvie G

Drawing watercolor painting illustration architecture - Sylvie T workshop Nice

Nice book is Elsewhere illustration Sylvie T - Architecture

As you will have understood, architecture runs through my artistic veins and I am proud to share my work with professionals in the sector. Do you have architectural illustration needs? A drawing project? Contact my workshop in Nice and let's see together what adventure we can lead together!

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