Art is lived, art is felt and art is seen.

In my studio in Nice, I make drawings and paintings of the environment in which I work. My art is often confused with my great passion for architecture and in particular my artistic love for the cultural and architectural richness of the Bay of Angels . It must be said that Nice is an ideal backdrop when, like me, you are passionate about the monuments and the daily decor of Nissa la Bella.

With India ink and watercolor, I draw and paint what surrounds me to give life to my art and especially to give it meaning.

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Art at the service of architecture

Since the creation of my art studio in 1993 in the right street in downtown Nice, I have always had pleasure in illustrating the city in all its facets.

Under my brush, pencil or inked pen, existing or future architectural works are born. Because we are surrounded by incredible works, I like to put art at the service of architecture to bring out all the richness of which we are not always aware.

Architecture is an art that is constantly reinventing itself and makes it possible to highlight eras, a history, habits.

I am passionate about architectural drawing which sublimates architectural elements such as facades, balconies, fountains or even windows. Witness of successive eras, art is an incredible vector of culture. Through my drawings and my books such as the book "Nice la belle à colorier" , I exhibit architectural fragments of the city through an art of drawing acquired in over the years and I encourage coloring Nice and its architectural richness to give way to creativity.

From my passion for architecture grew my art and my taste for the creation of architectural drawings and illustrations. I like that my art has a meaning and that's why I try to ensure that each of my artistic illustrations has a specific educational or illustrative purpose.

I work in particular with architectural firms to create architectural drawings but also with a young audience through educational workshops to use art as a vector of learning .

Do you have an art project? Do you need illustration de presse ? An educational project between art and history? My workshop is open to all proposals.

Atelier Galerie Sylvie T.
14 rue droite 06300 Nice

06 82 29 90 07

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