Draw me Nice: my meetings with journalists

I have always realized that meeting with journalists was really more than essential for me personally and for my work.

Each of my meetings with local or national journalists really helps me work on my concept and refine my point. I like this confrontation and these questions that allow me to take a step back, ask myself the right questions and above all move forward.

My interactions with press organizations allow me to mirror reflection and to evolve through this gaze which reflects back to me the image of my work. Through Dessine-moi Nice , I want to tell about these special exchanges that have advanced my creations around architecture , the < a href = "fr / creations / jevisiteniceendessinant-1"> pedagogy , the history and the art in its simplest form.

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Nice drawn in the local and national press

I am in love with the city of Nice. The richness of this city on the edge of the Azure nourishes my work and my creations. I have a deep desire to share what I feel and see to as many people as possible. To convey my sensitivity, I am lucky to have met and been able to explain my work to journalists.

For example, I remember with great delicacy my meeting at the gallery with Journalist Anja Wolf .

With her fine and literary pen, she was able to produce a very beautiful article entitled " Spin That inspiration ". Through very beautiful photographs, the journalist was able to give an account of my art and the riches of the city of Nice.

When I plunge even further into my memory, my incredible encounter with Georges Pernoud journalist of the France 3 program Thalassa comes back to me for more than 35 years. I sailed with him on a pointy and we started drawing on the water together. For the record and the little anecdote, Georges Pernoud wanted to be an architect ...

In my career, I also had the wonderful encounter with Sophie Casals from Nice-Matin, who has been supporting me for 20 years, and who follows my work. She created a concept called Journalist of Solutions. I loved the slogan "we realize that this is wrong, rather than being in the complaint let's find solutions" .

I fully recognize myself in this project and that is why I have enjoyed talking to her for many years to share my work.

Nice Matin - Illustration work Sylvie T - Atelier Nice

Nice Matin - Illustration work Sylvie T - Atelier Nice

I also note, my meeting with Aurelie Selvi, Gaelle Belda and Laurence Lucchesi who all three triggered awareness and great projects after we met in Nice in my studio on Rue Droite.

I had the chance to feature my work in the "Nous" magazine article and in the News during the summer of 2020. The news was carried over to Christmas around Christmas Tales.

Finally, I will conclude this section Draw me Nice with my meeting with the wonderful journalist from the famous magazine Côté Sud , Cécile Vaiarelli . I was delighted and proud of my enthusiasm to appear in the pages of such a prestigious journal.

Atelier Sylvie T - South Coast

Let's continue drawing Nice together!

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