Illustrations from the News on the Nice-Matin newspaper

During the summer of 2020, the regional daily Nice-Matin created a section "Les Nouvelles" . In this special section, writers such as Alexandre Jardin, Didier Van Cauwelert, Sophie de Baere, Philippe Chatel, Carene Ponte, Sarah Barukh, Laure Manel, Daniel Picouly and Philippe Amar have regularly written short stories.

From famous feathers to talented regional authors, I have been asked to give life and color to each of their short stories.

Armed with my Indian ink and my watercolor , I sketched the atmosphere, a bit of history told in the short story to illustrate the newspaper. It was a great honor for me to put my work not only at the service of Nice Matin but also of beautiful writers' pens.

Illustrations from the News in Nice Matin

When the art of writing is combined with drawing, it gives a complete piece of news that just begs to be read.

During the launch of the new summer column of the newspaper entitled "Les Nouvelles" , Nice MAtin decided to call on me to illustrate these special pages. The authors aimed to produce and publish news in the newspaper throughout the summer.

For the occasion, I was called to make new illustration drawings .

In order to frame the subject and give substance to the news, I have used all my know-how to create drawings to match the Nouvelles des writers.

A striking experience that you could find all summer long in the pages of the Nice Matin newspaper!

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